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  1. "Recrucescence Compilation of Kalpamantra & Malignant Records"

  2. "Entering the Desert" Soundtrack for the Esoteric Grimoire of Author Craig Williams by Anathema Publishing House

  3. "Psychostasis-Death of Khat" Official Tshirt Merchandise of new Album (Last Copies)

  4. "Psychostasis-Death of Khat" Official merch of New Album (Last Copies)

  5. Shibalba "Psychostasis-Death of Khat" New Album coming on 30/4 by Agonia Records

  6. Shibalba / Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar "Yang Trol Lé" Digipack CD out on 21/3 by Nihilward Productions

  7. OUT NOW! Shibalba/Alone in the Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar "Yang Trol Lé" (Special limited Handmade Tape Edition by Arsenestre Créations)

  8. Shibalba/Phurpa "Teachings of Eastern Tradition" Hand made Tape Edition (SOLD OUT)

  9. Shibalba "Samsara" Full Album in Handmade Tape Format (SOLD OUT)

  10. "The Echoing Black Compilation of Kalpamantra & Malignant Records"

  11. Shibalba "Art serves the Elite" Brown tshirt with Gold print Front & Back (SOLD OUT)

  12. Shibalba Art Serves the Elite" Polo Tshirt Front & Back Silver Print (SOLD OUT)

  13. Shibalba/Phurpa "Teachings of the Eastern Traditions" CD/LP/TAPE

  14. Shibalba "Memphitic Invocations" Deluxe Bag Edition (SOLD OUT)

  15. Shibalba/Black Seas of Infinity Tshirt Merchandise by Nigrum Serpentis (SOLD OUT)

  16. Shibalba "Memphitic Invocations" Tshirt merchandise by W.T.C AVAILABLE NOW

  17. "Memphitic Invocations"Lp Edition coming with Special Booklet and Gold vinyl with Different Mastering

  18. Shibalba "Samsara" Tshirt Merchandise by W.T.C AVAILABLE NOW

  19. "Samsara" Full Album CD/LP/TAPE

  20. "Memphitic Invocations"(Re-Release With New Mastering & Artwork/Layout)

  21. "The Earthen Siphon Compilation Compilation of Kalpamantra & Malignant Records"

  22. Shibalba/Emme Ya Tshirt By Opus of Thaumiel (SOLD OUT)

  23. Shibalba/Emme Ya "Witchblood Emanations" Handmade Tape Edition & Box Set (SOLD OUT)

  24. Shibalba/Emme Ya ''Witchblood Emanations'' CD Edition

  25. Shibalba/Black Seas of Infinity "Mahakala" Hand Made tape edition & Box Set (SOLD OUT)

  26. Shibalba/Black Seas Of Infinity"Mahakala" CD Edition

  27. Shibalba/Acherontas/Crimson Moon/Akrabu ''Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat'' CD/LP/TAPE

  28. Shibalba/Acherontas/Arditi/Puissance ''Pylons of the Adversary'' CD/LP/TAPE

  29. Shibalba ''Memphitic Invocations'' CD/TAPE (SOLD OUT)


Shibalba Greece

The Spirits behind the Shamanic Halls of Shibalba are Acherontas V.Priest Aldra-Al-Melekh & Karl NE/Nachzehrer.
Session Live Member
Nekelmu ILU,Hierophant & Indra.
The Mission behind this Esoteric Art is to Guide the Subconsious of the Individual to Dream Beyond the Skin of Matter & to Dream in Ecstasy and Exaltation.
The Magical Trip is Boundless..
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