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Shibalba​/​Black Seas of Infinity "Mahakala" Hand Made tape edition & Box Set (SOLD OUT)

by Shibalba


The conjoined work of the order of Shibalba and Black Seas of Infinity, constitutes an undertaking and exploration of the supreme Kala, through musical, visual and literary transmissions and receptions an adoration unto Kali. She is the adored and the adorer, our blood shall be as her venom, our skull as her ornamentation.
released October 23, 2015

Members of the Memphitic Coven of Shibalba:
Acherontas V. Priest Aldra-Al-Melekh
Recorded at the Halls of Christian Cambas, during the waning crescent moon of January MMXV. Mixed and mastered by Christian Cambas.

Artwork/Layout by Synthetic.
Front And Back Painting By David Hereiras.

Cd is coming by Nihilward Productions and Handmade edition in Tape and special box set tape by Arsenestre.
Lp is coming later by Nigrum Serpentis.
Tshirt Merchandise by Nigrum Serpentis


released October 27, 2016



Shibalba Greece

The Spirits behind the Shamanic Halls of Shibalba are Acherontas V.Priest Aldra-Al-Melekh & Karl NE/Nachzehrer.
Session Live Member
Nekelmu ILU,Hierophant & Indra.
The Mission behind this Esoteric Art is to Guide the Subconsious of the Individual to Dream Beyond the Skin of Matter & to Dream in Ecstasy and Exaltation.
The Magical Trip is Boundless..
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